Lawson Hometowns Tour | KOKO Camden

So a couple weeks ago, Lawson(An up and coming band on the British music scene), did a five date tour going to each of their hometowns: Andy - Liverpool, Joel - Nottingham, Ryan - Sheffield and Adam - Brighton, and the final date - London where they now live.

I bought tickets for a friend's birthday, as well as the fact I am a big fan and love their music, for the London date. If you hadn't guessed from the title of this post, the show was in KOKO in Camden, a place even my parents used to go to see gigs!! We got there around an hour before doors opened and went to find our friends who were already in the queue. We got to an amazing spot which may not have been right at the front, but was good enough to see and enjoy the show.

KOKO was quite intimate compared to concerts I had been to previously, like 80,000 people gigs in Hyde park!!

From the minute their support act came on until the minute they left the stage...for good ;) the gig was electric. There were a couple of songs I had never heard live so hearing them while singing along with a crowd who loved the band as much as me and my friends was just a great feeling. It's the reason I love going to concerts. Whether it is a band I love or hate, the feeling you getting going to concerts is irreplaceable and I  ♥ it!

It was a fantastic night that made me cry, dance and sing my heart out- resulting in a sore throat the next morning and beating ears for the next 3 days, all worth while for those boys. It made me so excited to see them in 2013 at their Chapman Square Tour. If you get the chance to get tickets if there are any left, DO because you will not regret it.

If you want to check them out here are some of their links:

And if you want to check out some of the tour diaries and highlight performances:

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