MUA Makeup Haul | Review

MUA make up haul | review

Hey Guys,

Today I have a review of some make up for you all. I had heard a lot about this foundation and was tempted to try the matte powder that was recommened with it as well but decided I would wait until after my birthday to buy any more in case I had more products given to me to try.

So like I mentioned before, the first thing I bought was the Matte perfect foundation in the lightest shade 'fair'. My skin is not particularly oily and doesn't need much shine control but I prefer a matte finish because it makes my skin look more flawless and also gives me a good base if I want to then contour or re-add shine to my skin. At first, when I tested the colour on my skin I felt it was too dark, but once it settled in it looked really natural. It is a yellow based foundation which usually makes me look a lot darker because I am used to seeing myself in a more pinky based colour and am not used to the look of them on my skin. I do like the finish of this foundation however it is a lot more sheer than I expected especially from the look of the consistency. Which leads me on the the only downside. The consistency is too thick to apply with my fingers and if I do it feels quite stiff and sticky so I have to use a brush. Other than that for a £2 foundation I don't think I could ask for any more other than more shades and a wetter consistency, but the thickness may be to do with keeping the skin matte.

The next product I got was from what MUA are calling the 'Pro-Base collection' which also includes their version of wn Urban Decay setting spray for a fraction of the price which I am very tempted to buy since I have never tried one. The product I got was the Conceal and Brighten kit in the shade porcelain beige. It consists of three cream concealers a peach toned, yellow toned and salmon toned to mix and create the perfect shade for blemishes and under eye darkness. For me the salmon colour is too red for blemishes but might be good for a cream blush. I find they blend very well and lasted around 3-5 hours on my skin before starting to slip, this was without setting it as I wanted to see how it would be. In future I will be setting it.

The next product is something I have run out if so my quick solution was to buy a replacement to make do with until I buy another which is a liquid liner. I wasn't expecting much for £2 but there are some positives. Although the pigmentation isn't great and on me the colour comes out quite grey, the precision is fantastic! I find it hard to do gel eyeliner precisely so I think my solution will be to use this first then apply the gel because it is not suitable to wear on its own.

The final thing I got was a free gift with my order but I would have bought it anyway. It is the new 'Artiste Collection Pallette' which consists of 6 shadows, 2 blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. I really like the paler shadows and the ice blue colour only needs a light dusting over my lids to look nice. The undertones make my blue eyes stand out which I really like. I do like the darker colours but I wouldn't wear them day to day. The four cheek shades however are what I really love about the palette. The shimmery peach is very subtle and I don't need to wear any highlighter because it highlights with the shimmer but the darker pink needs it to make it work for me. I don't wear many blushes so its nice to be able to try a few out and see how if I can make them work.

If you want to check out some of the products I got and the rest of the MUA make up collection click here .

That's all I got but be sure to look out for another haul next month of stuff I may buy with birthday money and a post on what I got. They aren't posts about me bragging about what I got, but showing you may give you good gift ideas for friends because I know a few friends have bought me some make up stuff.

But for now,
Speak soon,

Char xx


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