New year, nothing new | Lookback on 2012

Hey guys,

First things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you've all had a good feast over the holidays and are easy for 2013. I always think things can only get better so my hopes are up for this year.

I'm not one to make New Years resolutions because for me, if I want to make a change or do something in life, I will do it and I don't think there is any point waiting for a new year for me to change.

But since it is the new year, I thought I'd take a look back on the year of 2012 from my perspective. For me 2012 was a year full of change, and a year I will look back on as one of the best for me. As I have only been in the blogging world for just under 2 months now, there isn't a lot that you know about me, other than I am a girl( if you hadn't figured that out then now you know) , my name is charlotte, I'm doing my GCSEs and I love music and fashion. So I thought letting you into my 2012 experience would tell you more about me.

I mentioned hat I thought it would be a good year to look back on, the reason being is that I met a lot of my idols, not only bloggers and youtubers, but also music artists such as Tom and Jay out of The Wanted, Lawson, Rita Ora and many more. Meeting them though the year was amazing, admittedly I was my clumsy self around them all and fell over in front of them, but at least it showed I don't change! The one thing that made all of those times special is that not only were they spent with the same person, but that she has now become one of my best friends and I will forever be grateful that those experience did that.

Not only did I meet a lot of people, I also saw a lot to, in the form of around 12 concerts! Being the age I am, it's one of my favourite things to do, not hearing my favourite musicians performing, but the memories that happen at each concert. It's cheesy but it's true, when I start earning money I'm very sure I will be going to many more because its such fun( ignore the Miranda quote)

Another big thing about 2012 was that I began my GCSEs, now I'm not a fan of schoolwork like everyone else, but without them, our futures would be different. The subjects I'm taking now, could lead me to my career and I find that really exciting! For me, I have 2 ideas for my future, one is my dream job that could happen but I doubt could happen and the other is my backup dream job which I am determined to make possible, however I won't be sharing them quite yet.

The next ting that was big was my first abroad trips away. I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to Barcelona in spring and Beijing in late October last year. Both trips I will never forget. Not just because of the tourist experiences but because the trips really made me want to travel in the future, they were amazing, even if I was sitting next to smelly people for 9hiur flights...

It has been such a good year for the world as well and I'm not going to be a girl late on the wagon wheel and talk about the Olympics and the jubilee because they were months ago although I am pretty aware they happened and were a bug part of my life.

That's the main things that happened in my 2012, I'd list all the concerts and landmarks I visited but I think I'd probably bore you so I will leave it here.

Speak soon,
Char xx
P.s Like most this time of year, especially with my birthday in a week or two, I have been given and bought a lot more products and clothing that I will be reviewing over the next month so be prepared for more posts like that.
Leave any comments with types of posts you'd like to see from me in the future, I really enjoy getting feedback so let me know.

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