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Hey guys,

So this is kind of a random post, I know I promised a gift post but since I have a haul coming up and they are very similar posts I voted against it. This one is sort of inspired by my friend Lily. She has a really great blog about her life and fashion and all things of that nature so if you want to check her future plans click here. She did a post about what she wants to do in the future and it got me thinking about what I want to do myself.

Like most, I want to make a change in my lifetime. I hope, even if its a small thing like being someone to rely on for my friends for years to come, that I've helped someone and I'll be happy. But on a bigger scale if I could make my mark in the fashion world, well I'd be a grateful girl.

Thinking about it now, I think my love of it is from my background, my mums parents used to work for topshop on the designing side of it all in the 50's and 60's. It's so exciting to think they worked for one of my favourite high street shops, it's incredible!

Fashion wise, I'm not creative enough to actually design the stuff, I but I like the idea of being a stylist. I have quite a vintage style, I wear make up that a friend's mum describes as a '50's Starlet' and wear a lot of odd pieces that were my mums in the 80's and 90's. When friends want to buy make up or try something new they usually talk to me at some point about my opinions( and from the sense of making my small change, I fulfil it). I don't take it as them thinking I'm fashionable or whatever, it's probably because I wear a lot of make up and not how people typically would for my age, I guess they take that as I know what products are out there and what is good.

Clothes wise I try to be myself without being too out there, or sticking completely to the high street. I re-vamp my clothes quite a lot, I usually buy my summer shorts from primark then stud and cut them or dye them, or buying loads of plain tops from the primark men's section then rolling the sleeves and stitching them into place to have the oversized tops from topshop look, but having colours and pockets they don't. I do this mainly because it means I make it my own but also because its so much cheaper!

Being a stylist just seems right up my street because although I like to do all that for my self, I would easily adapt to other styles but still give people their unique twist. I'd call my adapting clothes, 'capturing the quirks' there's no point hiding your differences, and what better way to embrace them than by making your clothes your own in subtle ways.

I also like the idea of being a Fashion journalist. As I've grown up one thing that's never left me is the dream of being a journalist. I think it would be amazing to think I could have a column in magazines like Company or the far fetched hope of Vogue, or even being a frower at LFW. Being able to be around all elements of the fashion world and be able to blog about it on a scale a million times bigger!

I guess my dreams seem slightly far fetched but as long as you find a route to get your dreams if you want them badly enough you will make it.

So that's all for now.See you in my next post,

Speak soon,

Char xx


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