Impulse buying must stop | I couldn't resist the deals

Hey guys,

I need to stop buying, it may mean I have loads to show you, but it means that my purse hates me. Hopefully I can contain myself for a few weeks. I popped into superdrug hoping to get some skin are bits but came out with a bit more.

Firstly I needed a new mascara. I love my Wow mascara from Rimmel and I was on my 3rd tube(I think that's what you say mascara is kept in) because it is really buildable and pretty inexpensive but I fancied a change. As it was on offer and I have seen quite a few reviews I chose to buy the Rocket volum express mascara by Maybelline. It's a big brush and I've used it twice and I liked the results but I'm still trying it out.

The next make up item was a slight cult product, one I have wanted to buy since I saw a post about them around Christmas time from Fleur, it is the new Rimmel apocalips lip lacquers. I chose the colour galaxy because it was so different from the pinks in the collection and had a nice shimmer unlike the rest which as far as I could tell didnt. It's a sort of plum colour but a light coverage on me gives a my-lips-but-better tone,but when layered up looks deep but not as dark as my Kate Moss Matte 107. For a product so different to the matte collection, they have a very similar scent which I am still unsure about, it's like a sour watermelon sweet that is quite sickly but that doesn't remain on the lips so don't worry if that puts you off. It also has really long staying power, I wore it on a long day out last weekend and I applied it at first at 9, and it stayed full coverage for around 4/5 hours before I had to reapply, and that lasted me the rest of the day. Needless to say it impressed me.

Now onto what I find the most exciting part of my haul...some new skin care bits!

Firstly I needed a new moisturiser, Im not great with keeping up a good skin regime, I mean I moisturise after I shower most days and once I take my make up off I moisturise most times, but I also almost always forget to take my makeup off since I only really get to a couple days a week. So I thought trying out new skin care will encourage me to try a bit harder.

So I saw a post a few weeks ago about some new garnier moisturisers which have been made for various skin types, I don't have particularly bad skin but it is quite pale and dead looking so I thought the perfect one for me would be the 'Wake me up' for dull skin. It's gel like with slight shimmer within it which I'm guessing helps the skin to look brighter. It absorbs really quickly and so far I really like it, it smells amazing to and is on offer for £3.99 in superdrug at the moment so I'd grab it before it goes back to its original price.

The next was a new cleanser, It is the superdrug peppermint and teatree, it smells great and it feels like it cleanses really well. A downside is that it does make my skin feel really hot and it goes red but after ten minutes the redness has gone. I have seen other people say that's how teatree products also work on them so I'm not too worried about it happening.

The final thing was the teatree nose strips. I am yet to use them but will give a review once I have!

That's it,
Speak soon,

Char xx

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