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Hey guys,

Recently I have bought a lot and am trying to go on a bit of a spending ban( I say trying, I have little will power) so anything I buy has to either be cheap or a necessity(food in my case). It is when I am with little money that I want everything and anything I see so it's at these lows I look for bargains.

Now if you live in the UK you will be well aware of the speckled T-Shirt dresses that almost every person I know own. And not just one colour, they are a shape that suits so many different body types and come I a wide range of colours so that's a bonus too. They aren't expensive, but they aren't exactly cheap for what ultimately is a large T-Shirt that is sinched in at the waist. I love the way they look on me, especially since Im short, the skater dress shape really works for me, but I didn't want to pay £26 so I've been doing a little research to see where we can find this great look for less.

Firstly Internationale, an online and instore shop, however Im not sure how many shops they actually have, but if you look on the website Im sure it says. They have a grey/blue version of the dress for half the price at £12.99 it fits just as well, but only comes in one colour.

The next is one of my favourite places to shop online, MissGuided. They have a lot of really nice dresses including a version of the topshop dress. One version, in three colours which has the speckled effect, my favourite of the three being the pink as shown. The other type are plain colours but there are four or five both types at £12.99 however including p&p will end up being from £15-25.

See, it does help to shop around!
Char xx

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