Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick | I can't stop wearing this colour!!

Hey guys,

Recently I've been non-stop wearing my Rimmel Apocalips lip Laquers but last week I was feeling a change. I decided to go through some of my lipsticks and I found my Kate Moss lipstick and felt the need to use it again and find my old love for it, and oh boy have I found it!

Firstly I love the finish of these lipsticks, they are semi-matte and I like because I find that lipsticks with this finish last quite long.

The colour of it is beautiful, it's a deep pink with a sort of red undertone which makes it quite a warm colour, however it's what I call 'sister' colour within the collection (once known as 02, now 20) which is similar but cooler and more blue undertoned. Both equally pretty, it just depends what you like. Really!

For £5.49 they are a bargain and I'd definately pick up more, 2 isn't enough and I constantly borrow my friends shade 16 which is a stunning coral toned pink!

All for now
Speak soon,
Char xx

N.B no pictures due to my camera still acting up, my apologies!

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