Lush T-Shirts | Great tops for affordable prices

Hey guys,

So I was recently sent a top from Lush T-Shirts an online brand that sell slogan and personalised tops. They have a lot of great ones(a favourite of mine being the 'drop me out' one.)

However the one I decided to get was the Helvitica Alphabet top, I got it with Aa but it can have any letter from the alphabet which I love!

They're delivery was very quick and I was very surprised by this. It came in about 3 days which for anyone ordering with standard delivery is a great surprise. I really like they're tops and they are reasonably priced too!(from 10+)

Here are a few ways I style mine and I hope you all grab yourself one as well.

N.B pictures will be uploaded in a few days, lost when editing, check back next week.


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