A little update...

As I have written in previous posts and made obvious by my absence the last few weeks, i am not able to do many posts at the moment due to school life. I had intended to write some posts to be scheduled so that I was able to have content uploading while I deal with the stress of the real world but that didn't work out very well. 

Along with the scheduling not working and instead uploading the posts one day after the other instead of one week after another, some of the posts couldn't even be made as my SD card with my photos on it, broke and in an attempt to tidy my desktop, I deleted the wrong folder and it happened to be the one with all my photos and ideas (smart...I know). 

I was intending to write this apology in 5 weeks time, when my exams are over and done with, however after finishing my first exam today, I realised how long it had been since I wrote and felt the need to do something, as well as revise revise revise!!

..and that brings us to now - how are you all? I feel like all my recent posts have been OOTDs and I wondered what you though of this. Personally I enjoy creating them as it makes me think about who I am as a person. It sounds silly, but sharing my style is like sharing my personality for me, when I look at all the OOTD posts I've done I can see how I've evolved and become more confident in what I wear and how I wear it, which for me is a great thing. In the comfort of my own room, I am a creative person, I am musical and arty but I don't always share that side of myself because it is easy not to. In the comfort of my bedroom I can mess around with what I may wear, listen to the music I like without being told I'm trying to be 'this' or 'that' , I can dress my walls with photos and quotes and articles about things that inspire me and the people who mean the most to me because it's my space and I can do what I want with it. It's this feeling that has started to be less apparent in my mindset, I have started dressing how I want to and doing the things I like regardless of what I feel other people may think of me for doing it. 

I feel like the whole feeling of it is that that is what growing up is, and I don't mind that it will take me a long time to be 100% comfortable or 100% confident in myself and I find it strange that the whole exam process led me to this train of thought, but I am glad it did. 

I spent a few hours this weekend reading my own blog and looking at who I am, looking through photos and thinking about what I like doing. I realised that once these 5 weeks are over I want to do a lot more posts with a lot more variety. Posts I enjoy making and reading myself like OOTDs and wishlist, WIW, posts as well as different things like day in the life and trip posts, make up reviews and recommendations. I have a 3 month summer this year and plan to do a lot with it and I feel like I want to record that and share it all with you. 

I realise this post is all a bit of a write it as it comes to me post, but I feel like this may destress me a little as well as show you what is to come from me in the future.

What do you want to see on here?? 

Char xx

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