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Like the title suggests, this post is all about garnier skincare. I had planned on writing a skincare routine soon and when looking through what I use, there was only one brand that seems to always be in my routine. Whether I try something new for a few weeks, or try and change up my routine completely, I always end up going back to the same products, most from Garnier.

When it comes to skincare I am lazy. Despite having oily/combination skin, I rarely have a lot of spots and because of that, I tend to try and leave my skin alone as much as possible to avoid irritating it. However I have found that of all the products I've tried (majority being drugstore) the Garnier moisture range is best for me and my skin. Last year the moisturisers came out and I immediately picked two up. There are 5 in the range, each catering to certain skin types so I picked up the normal and oily skin formulas. The reason for the normal one being it has an spf and acts perfectly as a face suncream as it isn't too oily.

Continuing with looking at this range, a few months ago I noticed that there are now face washes, toners and face wipes catering to each skin type, matching the 5 moisturisers. Firstly expanding the line is a great idea and there is no doubt that the look of the range is aesthetically pleasing. Not only does it look good, but make it very easy to pick up the correct product for you once you know which coloured packaging matches your skintype. I picked up the face wash and have really enjoted using it. It claims to tighten pores and yet I never feel tight and like I've had a facelift after using it, my skin simplyfeels clean and refreshed. I'd suggest this as a morning face wash as the smell is so light and refreshing. great to wake you up.

The Item I don't own is the toner, simply because I don't like too many steps, but I may grab it and some point in the near future. The final product is the micellar water, which I think is the best of the drugstore versions, as well as having the largest volume for the least money, I'm not complaining one bit!

Now my routine is simple, make up off with micellar water, cleanse and moisturise, couldn't be simpler If I tried!

What do you think of the range, and what's your favourite skincare brand??

Char xx
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