Hair Update #1 | Back to blonde(ish)

Over the last 2 years or so I have changed up my hair quite a bit and over the next few weeks I'll be blogging about how I've changed it and how I care for it.

The colour then
When I was very younger, my hair was platinum blonde and as I've got older it has gradually got darker, becoming a strawberry blonde, then darker blonde to now - my natural colour being a somewhat light , mousy brown with golden tones, hence why I don't call myself a brunette - the colour is just so inbetween!

About 18 months ago I decided I wanted to change my hair colour and add some ombré, and to be honest, despite the results not being as significant as I had initially hoped, I really did like the result, as it gave my hair a more textured look. When I first did it i wrote a post reviewing what I used here.

From then on, every 3 months I would redye it after having my hair cu,t as the ombré would all be chopped off. In the summer last year I decided to add some purple dipdye as a bit of fun and it went quite wrong, ending up with me having teal green ends for 3 weeks instead of lilac for a matter of days. I didn't really document this on my blog as I was unsure if I liked it. Due to the dye not seeming to wash out I had to cut most of it off, losing about 6/7 inches of my long locks. I was fine with it but sad to see my ombré go so the next day I redyed my hair, however this time from a lot higher up the hair. I really disliked how it had turned out, I barely wore my hair out when I wasn't in school as it had become quite streaky and uneven. 

The length issue
After considering it for a long time, and after september being the shortest I had had my hair in years(I had a long bob aged 9 and have had it long ever since), I chose to cut out all my dip dye and my hair was just below my shoulder. I know that isn't very short but for me it was and I quite liked it, but quickly found the length annoying to deal with as I could only do a limited amount of hairstyles, and especially with layers it was hard to do a lot anyway, so I began to grow it out again. It has taken until now for me to like the length again! I think I began to dislike it so much because I have quite a round face and the shorter my hair is, the more obvious that is, and the more I look like a pumpkin patch!  

What I've changed
After getting advice from my hairdresser I didn't dye my hair for a while, for some reason my hair just was not agreeing with it and it was not taking properly, causing the streaks. I decided that was down to my hair being quite dry and damaged so I started using new hair products to help nourish my hair back to health (but more on that it the next post). Over the last 6/7 months it really has helped and I decided it would be okay to dye it again.

I will happily admit I have a slight obsession with the Haim sisters, especially Esteé. Her hair is amazing and her natural colour is very similar to mine so seeing her high, light ombré really appealed to me. I'd also seen a friend go a few shades lighter and am in love with the results but I'm not quite brave enough to go all the way quite yet. 

I purchased the L'Oreal Wilde Ombre this time in the intense shade, and what a difference it made this time. I was originally quite reluctant to dye my hair again but am glad I did, with the help of some summer sun, when it arrives to london, my hair will be beachy blonde for a while. 

I realise the story seems quite winded out, but I felt the need to share my reasons for ending up wear I am now. I have always had a strange love hate about my hair, I love how quickly it grows, how thick it is and that despite how much I do to it I don't always end up with loads of split ends. However, none of the positives seems to match my dislike of the colour. I should like it and embrace the fact the colour is a little different but it has always frustrated me. When I decided it should be more brown, the blonde sheen my hair naturally has still showed and my hair just looked odd, but I could never go full on blonde because I'm too lazy to keep it that way. 

I hope you liked this post, slightly more wordy than normal but it will make up for the picture heavy posts that are coming soon!!What do you think, keep the heavy roots/high ombre look or simple and all natural colour? Let me know 

Char xx 

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