I've found the perfect mascara?

Today I bring you my perfect mascara...for now anyway. I quote Sprinkle Of Glitter's latest beauty video when I say 'I am a mascara whore', I get so bored easily and it's easy to chop and change when most don't tick all the right boxes.

What I look for is : Very black, holds a curl(since naturally mine are dead straight), volumising(my lashes are already very long), not flaky, not clumpy but still dramatic. Sadly most mascaras only ever tick a couple of those boxes but so far so good with this discovery.

Rimmel's Kate Moss Scandaleyes Mascara in 004 Jet Black, is the blackest mascara I have ever owned. Naturally I have quite dark lashes but I still like my lashes really dark as I find it brings out the colour of my eyes more. Colour...check

This mascara naturally adds a slight curl to my lashes but it also holds a curl well....so far so good.

I assume due to the broken heart shaped, bristle wand, this mascara gives amazing volume and drama without clumping or looking too spidery...looking good.

The only downside is after about 7 hours wear it starts to flake a little but that is very longwear for me and mascara .

Two big thumbs up from me for this great product.

If you want to see what it is like on, it has been my masacra of choice in my previous 2/3 posts...

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