No Uniform...Now What?!

For the past few weeks I have been gathering pictures and product names, celeb and model photos etc to give me an idea of the things I wanted to buy when I went to America in August.
Starting at a sixth form next year that has a strict but not formal dress code means I have really had to look hard at what I own, in order to stay within the boundaries but still be dress like myself.

And that is the main thing for me, being me. I like rips, monochrome and 80/90s fashion with the occasionally seriously girly outfit to break up the oversized and grungy looks. I often wear bright shoes to compensate for dull outfits, which is something I won't be able to do next year, along with wearing ripped jeans, short skirts and big logos/slogans. They are things I gravitate towards on a day to day basis, so trying to find pieces that I can wear from my existing wardrobe is pretty darn hard...enter hours of flicking through magazines and scrolling through blogs and Instagram. 

I feel as though my style for sixth form will be channeling my inner 'model off-duty' mixed with touches of styles I have seen on outfit posts and instagram. So in a nutshell, muted and monochrome colours, a lot of basic tees, coloured sweatshirts and jumpers, with shoes still being room for adding my touch, just making sure it's their style, not colour. I definitely will be posting pictures of what I buy and will do a pre-school look book style post to show what I actually end up wearing. (Or post weekly posts, depending on my school schedule)

This coming September I don't want to go to school feeling as if I am dressed as someone I'm not, but realistically my look will have evolved - does this mean my style will change? Probably. Does this mean people can say I have changed? Not at all. I also don't wanna be 'that' girl who wears a new outfit everyday. I am through and through a thrifter, mix and matcher, reuse and recycle kind of girl so that won't be an issue.
If I'm honest it's all very new to me, due to living in England, most schools are strictly uniform until sixth form so I've never really had to think about what I wear everyday more than 2 months in summer and weekends, it will be strange to say the least.

Char xx

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