How I :- Travel

Firstly I need to apologise for the lack of editing in this post as my photos were pretty rushed and I am currently writing this in the airport before I leave for my holiday but I thought it might be slightly different to show you what I wear when I travel.

What I wear
The most important thing for me when I travel, no matter what the climate or destination of my destination may be, is that I need to be comfortable. I also need to be able to stay warm. I am off to Singapore so I opted for a midi dress as it suits the weather here in England and Singapore, and my skater shoes as they are comfortable and easy to take off if I need to during security checks. I chose this jumper because although it is warm, it is quite thin and lightweight so it is easy to pack away and carry with me.

What I bring with

Due to the nature of my two week break from school, I could not avoid bringing some of my workload away with me on holiday, so I have packed my laptop and notebook so that in my spare moments I can attempt to work. Saying that, I do have a 12 hour+ plane journey to do bits a pieces! Whenever I travel I bring with what I consider my handbag staples; lip balm, hairbands, concealer, mascara and hand gel – along with other things such as face wipes and deodorant, which are vital for a quick refresh before hopping off the plane. 


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