Urban Outfitters Inspired Wall

If I'm honest I rarely shop in Urban Outfitters , however, I get a lot of inspiration and buy items that may be similar but from slightly cheaper alternatives. I saw these picture hangings and really liked the idea but felt I could make something myself. I have left this wall between my wardrobes plain for a while and decided the small space would be a great place to add something different.

To do this was very easy. Firstly I printed some fashion-but-work-motivation-like quotes (that makes no sense but it's the only way to describe them!) and some of my favourite vogue covers.

Then I used some dark string that I draped across the wall and attached with blue tack.

Once cut out, I positioned and stuck into place the quotes and pictures where I though they would look good.
Using safety pins, I tried to make it look as though the pieces are hanging.

I realise the photos have a strange lighting, but it was quite a dreary day and finding a good time was hard. 
I really like how it looks and due to the nature of it, the images are really interchangeable, making it quite easy and versatile!!

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