Cold Weather Wants

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Due to the sudden cold weather we have been experiencing in the UK, I have had to take a look at what I actually own that is appropriate for the cold weather. Sadly I seem to lack a lot of warm clothes, so I have been making a wishlist for my next shopping trip before I freeze again at the train station early in the morning.

1 - I really love layering but don't have many jumpers to do this with and really felt like these jumpers may be great inexpensive,warm pieces that would look great layered with shirts or longer tees and jeans. ( here, here , here , here or here) I also love sweatshirts for the days where I'm feeling lazy and need an outfit that I can put on when I'm in a rush!

2 - Although I am in love with my simple black snood from H&Mwhich has lasted a few years now, sometimes I wish I had something a little more interesting to wear, which is why these (here & here) tartan scarves from Missguided are really appealing, they would definitely make a simple all black or monochrome outfit more fun without being overwhelmed with accessories.

3 - A simple but effective way of fixing my freezing situation would be to use base layers such as these from the UniQlo Heattech range. This way you can be warmer without losing the look of your favourite jeans(or at least that's what I'm hoping). I am definitely going to invest in some of the heattech socks so that I can still fit my feet into my beloved new boots without attempting to wear super thick socks and feeling as if my feet will lose circulation(has this only happened to me?Yes, okay...)

This is what I am hoping to buy to get through the winter these next few months, what will you be stocking up on? Primark supercosy tights?

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