Hello 2015!

2014 was a year of stress, exams and finding confidence for me, so I felt the need to reflect on the last year. It's hard to condense all that I would hope to say about a whole year so I have a top few moments of 2014 for me.

Passing my GCSEs - I spent months revising and to finish 2 years of hard work with good grades was a proud moment.

Travelling along the east coast - In August as you will have seen from blog posts, I spent 3 weeks in America, mainly in New York but I also spent a few days in Jersey and Philly. It was an amazing experience to explore such a big city and it has made me want to visit again but perhaps in winter instead.

Travelling to Singapore alone - In October I went on my first plane journey alone, and as scary as it was, like going to New York, it has definitely sparked an even greater interest in travel that I had before... saving for another trip starts now!

Blog hit 100 followers on Bloglovin' - Although this is still a very small number, getting to over 100 followers has really boosted my confidence and I am excited to improve it further in this new year.

I don't tend to write resolutions because in general I believe if you want something to change, there is no reason to wait until a new year to change it. However I do write goals for the year or a point in the year I should be excited for which can motivate, not change me.

Learn to drive - with my birthday a matter of weeks away, I am looking forward to finally learning to drive,  hopefully I won't be too scared!

Improve my blog - Aftera couple years, I still don't quite feel like I have a focus when it comes to blogging and I am hoping 2015 will be the year I will be able to find my way a bit better and post more things that I enjoy creating as well as things that you seem to like reading.

A week in Washington DC - I am really excited to be going back to America this year and see more sites.


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