'Pick me up' Products | My Downday Fixes

When I'm feeling ill or just having a down day, I tend to want to just curl up in comfy clothes,have a no make up day and just watch my favourite films. But that isn't always possible, nor the best solution. For the days I  have to drag myself out of bed, there are a few things I like to use to make me feel good and not so blue.

Make Up - Layering up my mascara and wearing a bold lip can feel a little like war paint and give me the confidence I need to face a tedious day. Although my go-tos are Mac Lady Danger or Rimmel Revlon ColourBurst in Sorbet, my more recent purchase of a Borjois Velvet Rouge Edition in Shade 11 is my current favourite. It may be the most tame of the bunch, but it really enhances an otherwise basic make up look in a really lovely way.

An effortless outfit - Especially when I am under the weather, I don't want to feel restricted or uncomfortable no matter how nice an outfit may be. An outfit I'll often turn to is an oversized shirt, leggings and converse. Combined with a messy pony a denim jacket and a backpack, it quickly becomes a simple 'grungy' look that is not miles away from my day to day looks.

A good playlist - Personally, there is not many times that music can't cheer me up and get me out of a silly bad mood. Playlists like Anna and Lily's Teenage Throwback and  Radioactive Vol. 1 on Spotify and a playlist of all my favourite songs from Year 7 until now are always reliable.

What do you do to get yourself through a long day?

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