Change of Direction

With the school year I've just experienced, a lot has changed which has resulted in me reflecting upon the nature of this blog. Whilst I love the way I've always just posted what I felt like and when I've wanted to, a school project I recently completed has taught me that I need to practice what I preach, and be a bit more consistent in the sense of regularity of content sharing. I know I've made this promise numerous times before, but every time I've said it I've been so strict on myself that I've forced myself out of love with blogging and it becomes a chore. Due to this summer being my last until I go to university, I am intending on making the most of it and doing things that I enjoy.

So whilst my posts throughout the summer and future may not be frequent, I aim to be consistent and try and get at least one post a weekend uploaded. In terms of content, I've come to realise what I love most about having my own blog is the photography element, and as much as I like being in the photos, this summer I want to try and capture the moments from behind the camera as much as possible. 

My current idea I have for the blog, due to the trips and activities already lined up, is to do a series of photo diaries, alongside any style or miscellaneous posts. I know a post like this doesn't really make up for an 8 month or so hiatus, I have to start somewhere and I think my first baby steps back into blogging should be an apology/explanation to you. 

This change will still take a while to put in place as I am still studying for final exams, but watch this space nonetheless. 

Char xx

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