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To pick one main item of H&M clothing was very hard for me, as it is my go to high street shop, making this a task I really took pleasure in doing! 

The outfit
This outfit is focused around my Gran's old green jumper, a piece I used to struggle to style into an outfit, but now realise is the outfit. I paired it with this charity shop Jean jacket and H&M accessories. I really love the way the jumper-come-dress hangs, giving an effortlessly cool edge. 

The shoes in this outfit are H&M and are truly well-loved. These are the first pair of heeled shoes I could walk in and were an early birthday present from my mum a few years ago. Since then, they have been my confidence boosting shoes, the pair I wear to make me feel more mature, stand with my head a little higher and walk with a little more skip in my step, they are still one of my go to pairs of footwear if I feel an outfit seems a little flat . The H&M socks peeping out with green sparkly frills add a little bit more to an otherwise straightforward outfit.
This H&M bag with gold details is the perfect size for all the necessities and more, it may seem small but It is deceptively roomy, definitely able to give Mary Poppins' bag a run for its money!  Other than my bag my other accessories are some simple small silver hoops in both piercings and my everyday watch, so as not to have too much going on. 

If I had to attempt to describe my style I would say it is simple retro grunge. I love finding vintage/second hand pieces and integrating them into my outfits in a way that could make them seem as though they were made just for me. I was once told by a close friends parent that I often look like I dress as if an era has 'thrown up' on me, a comment that has stuck with me and has often reminded me to make a conscious decision to remain true to my style, which often has a retro feel.  

How would you descirbe your personal style?

Char xx
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