Don’t drown in the sea that is Uni

Something I clearly haven’t been the best at, at least on this platform, is staying up to date. With Uni work, society involvement, exercise and social life commitments to consider, there aren’t many hours left in the day to dedicate to the small things I like to do, such as read, photography and write on this blog. As a result of other commitments, I missed the opportunity to see The Anna Edit do a talk on campus at a careers event and it made me take a step back, and think about how I actually organise my time and prioritise different activities. If any of you are in Uni at the moment too, you’ll know that it is very quickly clear that there is a magical knack to staying on top of life, and although I am still waiting for the day where I figure that all out, I thought I’d share my three favourite techniques that I use at the moment to keep on track of work and friends so that I don’t drown in the sea of Uni confusion.

Related imageWunderlist is probably the best thing I have been introduced to. Like iPhone Reminders on speed, this web and phone app allow you to break up you tasks into folders, share list with others, see the tasks they have on this list, set reminders etc. The reason I love it so much, is that it is accessible on my computer. As someone who has always liked to list tasks in order to plan my time, being able to simply login in, rather than write the list separately on my phone and computer makes it so easy for me to check if I’m up to date, especially if I am trying to work without my phone nearby as a distraction.

Planning my life outside lectures – because of the way my course works, my seminars are not regular and therefore my timetable looks slightly different week to week, meaning it can be hard to plan my days spontaneously if I am not on top of what is going on. To solve this, I have been keeping a ‘week list’ where I fill in where I have seminars, coursework deadlines, appointments, nights out etc., so that I can see when I have free time and can go explore the town or not, as I do not find using a phone calendar very useful. If anyone is like me, and needs to be able to see what is happening and cannot always remember, I’d really recommend using this method and placing the list at the foot of your bed/above your desk, so it is easy to check and adjust.

Finally, the bullet journal for a novice with no time. The idea of a bullet journal has been a fascination of mine for a while, it is the type of organisation I strive towards, but have no patience for. Therefore, I use the bullet journal as inspiration to make a simplified version and code of my own, which I have been finding especially useful for planning group coursework and tasks.


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