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Don’t drown in the sea that is Uni

Something I clearly haven’t been the best at, at least on this platform, is staying up to date. With Uni work, society involvement, exercise and social life commitments to consider, there aren’t many hours left in the day to dedicate to the small things I like to do, such as read, photography and write on this blog. As a result of other commitments, I missed the opportunity to see The Anna Edit do a talk on campus at a careers event and it made me take a step back, and think about how I actually organise my time and prioritise different activities. If any of you are in Uni at the moment too, you’ll know that it is very quickly clear that there is a magical knack to staying on top of life, and although I am still waiting for the day where I figure that all out, I thought I’d share my three favourite techniques that I use at the moment to keep on track of work and friends so that I don’t drown in the sea of Uni confusion.

Wunderlist is probably the best thing I have been introduced to. …

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