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Hey guys,
If you read my last post you would know that over the weekend I bought the new L'oreal Wild Ombré home hair dye kit. I bought shade 3 because although I have dark blonde almost brown hair, I felt the kit for lightest hair seemed most accurate.

I've tried dying my whole hair before and I always needed someone else to help me and it never really dyed my hair. Whether that was because I'd conditioned my hair the time before and that made the colour not stay, or because I'd just used a bad brand I will never know. The only place dye would ever stay would be my roots. So for about 4months I had really dark brown roots, it didn't give me the 'grown out highlights look' more the 'how is her hair so constantly greasy look'. So if you were me it would have been very daunting too.

I've been considering dip dye for a while now, and it was when this kit came out that I thought would be a great time. In the UK there are only a few brands that do dip dye kits, the main being CrazyColour and I did not want to do anything to bold since it would mean applying it regularly. So doing lighter ends was the one! Also since I am still in school, turning up with bright blue ends with polka dots wasn't going to give a great impression.

Moving on, the kit was very easy to use, for the first time I could do everything by myself and that in itself was an achievement for me. The instructions given are very straight forward, mainly picture based which I find is always better in these sorts of kits. After the first 25 minutes it's pretty much up to you! I decided it wasn't quite ready and that I would keep checking every 5 minutes or so. After an extra 10 I felt it was ready and washed and dried my hair. The finished look was a lot better than I expected, especially with my history of hair dye, and although it would have been a lot lighter I really do like the finished outcome. I may redo it in the future but for now it works.

I have friends who have also used the kit and they did it twice to improve the intensity, their hair hasn't gone straw like and it does not seem dry. At the end of the day it is a bleaching product and does contain peroxide but since it is only the ends of the hair it is easily removed or easily changed back.

So that's it for my review, it is a really great product that I would recommend if you have long hair, I personally think if you have short hair you have to be willing to go for it and not regret the outcome.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!!

Char xx

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