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Hey guys,

So my birthday is next week (this is the time where I start getting as excited as I did when I was 5) and I thought I'd share a few of the things on my wish list, or rather what I would like to get with birthday money since I only asked for a few CD's this year and a bag which you may be seeing in a birthday haul later in the month.
1 - The Naked Basics palette, need I say more? Although I do love shimmery eye shadows they do not suit me at all so the basics palette would be perfect for me. My make up is usually made up of winged eyeliner and a bright lip so I find neutrals or a light smokey eye work well, Which means there are lots of. looks I could create with these shadows.

2 - Admittedly I am not a ring person, I have quite small hands and I fear they would look strangely me, however these really caught my eye. This set from Asos are a reasonable price and because black is the main colour, they will be very versatile.

3 - Another pair of disco pants, I know I know, is one pair not enough? The answer is no, I have worn mine practically everyday this holiday and this navy pair from Miss Guided for a fraction of the price of AA ones are lovely. Like black, navy works with most of my wardrobe and I'm sure they would become yet another staple for me.

4 - This is from Pixie Lott's Jewellery collection for the website Rock N Rose. Their stuff is great and you should all take a look. I think it is absolutely beautiful and would look really pretty with a collared shirt and jumper to add that extra something special.

5 - A lot of the clothes on my list are from Miss Guided, firstly because at the moment they have a lot of really nice stuff that is a lot more affordable for me, and also because their delivery service is amazing. In the run up to Christmas around early November I bought a dress, I was in no hurry to get it so went for the cheapest mailing option. I did this on Tuesday, by Thursday I came home to the package on my bed. For an order made so late at night and in the Christmas period I thought it was amazing so I will definitely be using it again in the future. I have been eyeing this skirt up now for about 4 months but haven't yet brought myself to buy it, why? I don't know but as soon as I get any money it's one of the first things I will get my hands on. The last few years I have always been a shorts or leggings kind of girl, but last year I really started to enjoy wearing skirts because I feel like they work with my body shape and I'm sure over the coming months you will be seeing hauls with many of them.

6 - I don't quite now what it is about this dress that makes me love it so much. Whether it's because it is a polo neck and quite different from what I usually go for, or because it could be so versatile I don't quite know. But for £9.99 I'm sure it won't harm trying something a little out of my comfort zone! This yet again is from Miss Guided

7 - if you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know I wear my red creepers to death, so it may come as no surprise that I have included a pair on my list. I felt like these would be good for a wider variety of outfits because of the colour, but they weren't boring black because they have the studs. I personally find that I either wear shoes that are really bold, like my red creepers or purple Docs or shoes that are more neutral and toned down because there is bolder colours within the outfit like my grey vans. By having the spikes these shoes are in the middle which is PERFECT for me.

8 - Another skirt that caught my eye on Miss Guided was this purple one. I like that it seems more structured and could be easily dressed up or down. I wear a lot of blues, reds and purples so it would really suit me. For around the £15 mark I'm not sure what to expect but I'm hoping it will look as good as it does on screen.

9 - I really like fashion related books, I have quite a lot about fashion over the years and a few about shoes but none quite like this. I don't know whether it's because it was Lauren Conrad or because when I was looking in the shop it seemed interesting but I really like the look of this book! I'm not quite sure on the price as it kept coming up in dollars but I'm guessing it is around the £12 mark. She is one of my fashion icons and I love her style, and I know she has a book about style as well, so I may look into getting that as well!

10 - And finally this top. I tried on a very similar top in Topshop, but for me it was made from a material too sheer for this type of top, not that it doesn't look nice on other people, but I think for me it wouldn't look quite right. This version is from Miss Guided, which I think is about £5 cheaper but I cannot find the original top on line to check. I think it's really nice because it is really flowy and would look great tucked into a skater skirt or baggy over my disco pants which is how the model wears it in the picture.

So that's it for my wish list, obviously I would have loved to add a lot more things to that list but I think they are probably my top 10 things I want, however I have been looking on Asos recently and have been liking the look of their accessories so there may be a splurge for me on make up and accessories in the coming weeks.

Speak soon
Char xx

P.S I have just received my MUA order and will be posting a review on it later in the month. I may do an OOMB (outfit of my birthday) post when i celebrate it although the actual day is during the school week(booooooo) and a Birthday haul/what i got post. If I do I want you to know it wouldn't be me bragging at all, I'm always grateful and I haven't asked for much at all this year.

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