Everyday make up routine | Updated to me, first for you

Hey all,
So recently I've run out of loads of things and been trying out others at the same time and I've finally got myself back into a nice little routine which probably won't change much other than lip colour and blush (when and I say WHEN I get my filthy mits on Mirrored pink/Rose Gold) so for the most part this is my everyday makeup.
Admittedly as you may know, being in education restricts me from wearing make up every single day but on the days I'm not in school or on holidays, this is what I've been wearing pretty much.

Garnier moisture match moisturiser for dull skin(it smells amazing!)
Rimmel Match Perfection in 010 light porcelain
MUA corrector kit in porcelain beige
Rimmel stay matte powder in translucent(over my forehead and cheeks to tone down blusher and shine. I also use it to set my concealer)
Sleek Make up Blusher in Flamingo
Rimmel Wow lash volumising mascara on lazier days
Maybelline Rocket mascara when I'm in a big lash mood(most of the time)
Rimmel waterproof exaggerate roll up eye liner in black
Maybelline master precise liquid pen in noir(black to most people)
Rimmel Apocalips in Galaxy(light coat for lips but better look)
Rimmel 170 (full on red, obsession with it is back while its still cold enough to wear bright red a lot)

And that's it! Obviously the base products are in shades best for me but the rest of my make up will suit other people of different skin tones because my friends use a lot of my stuff from time to time

Talk soon
Char xx
PS posts won't be coming as thick and fast during the next few weeks as I have tests and will have my head in my books(literally I get so bored revising)

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