Skin care routine | why my skin has hated me until now

Hey guys,

Today I have another everyday routine type thing, lets face it we all have that occasional day where we forget to take our make up off or only take it off using make up wipes but until recently(end of summer) that's how I was everyday, I never really used to cleanse or scrub or moisturise or remove makeup or anything!
I was mean to my face, but I'm beginning to realise if I don't want breakouts(not that I have too many anyway) or dead and dull skin that I need to be nice to it!
So this is what I've been doing most days, sometimes products change here and there but hey ho here we go!
Morning routine:
The first thing I ever do is wipe over my face with a Simple Cleansing Face wipe just because if I may have left over make up residue and the cucumber scent generally wakes me up, I was using the exfoliating ones for a while but I haven't been bothered to repurchase them yet.
I then use Clean&Clear deep cleansing cleanser for sensitive skin (which is oil free) on a cotton pad over my T-Zone. I then use the Garnier Pure Active face wash because it helps dull complexion which i have. Once that's done I moisturise with Garnier Moisture Match for dull skin, as you may have seen in a few of my recent posts, I've mentioned that all though my skin is quite clear, I suffer from dull skin which is mainly due to my bad keeping of it and the fact I'm ever so pale(curse you English sun!) and this moisturiser really helps, it also seems to be clearing my redness but I'm not quite sure why that's been happening!

Nighttime :
If I've worn make up I start with Garnier eye make up remover with green grape extracts(not sure why it helps but it smells fresh and super sweet) on a cotton pad then to take the rest of my make up off I use superdrug Teatree and peppermint cleanser and toner, a product I've recently been trying out, I'm still unsure but what I do know is not to use it in the morning, the Teatree makes me go red in areas where I've used it more which cools quickly but not enough for a morning routine.
Once a week/fortnight I use a nose pore strip, at the moment the Teatree and peppermint ones which work quite well.
Finally I mosturise with the same one as the morning. Although when it is colder I use one slightly more hydrating from Nivea which is the refreshingly soft for face and body which I also use after showers.

I don't exactly use much, I'm not one to try and be high matainance because my skin doesn't need it other than a bit more brightening so that's all, i'll probably do a skin care routine for summer because I'm sure it'll change but that's what I've been doing in the winter months.

Also I am sorry there won't be pictures for this post but mine is broken right now so I wasn't able to.

That's it,
Chat xx

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