#1 Easter Beauty Favourite | NYC Nail Polish

Hey guys,
So since I've been on holiday for the past 2 weeks I only took a few beauty bits as I can't take my entire make up collection away with me. Likewise with nail polish. If it wasn't so bad for my nails, I'd paint them a different colour everyday of the year. I get bored easily but obviously i can't change them much when I'm away so I took four colours away with me. They were Atlantic Road(Barry M), Nude(Barry M), Mint Macaroon(NYC) and Orange( MissGuided). My favourite if the four was Mint Macaroon.

I love a pastel nail in spring/summer but often opt for a bold,bright colour so it was a nice change to be wearing such a pretty pale mint green. I don't know if they still do this colour as I bought it early summer last year and there are quite a few new colours in the NYC stand in my local superdrug. The nail polishes are really in expensive at only £1.79 and if I didn't get so bored(the longest I wear one colour is 5 days) the polish would definitely last it's seven day wear claim.

If it does come back in the shelves or still is at your local stand I thoroughly suggest picking it up as well as some of the other colours as they are so affordable and good quality most of the time!

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