Kukee Jewellery | Haul and Website Review

Hey guys,

So recently I seemed to have discovered a new obsession: Jewellery. I've never really worn much, I used to be all about the clothes speaking for themselves but I've found that recently I've been a bit more back to the basics with my clothes colour wise, especially since monochrome came around, so I've been trying to brighten myself up with new necklaces and rings!

If I'm honest, I don't really feel like rings suit me, my hands and fingers are so small so I feel like I can come across looking like a five year old wearing all the rings from their mothers dressing table!

However discovering Kukee has completely changed my mind about them. Kukee is a website that consists of extremely affordable yet beautiful necklaces, rings and bracelets, they have jewellery for girly or more edgy girls and there is something to suit most people.

I went for a few rings, 3 above the knuckle rings, which I must admit I didn't think would be very me but I stand corrected and love them to bits!

I also got a ring with a mouse on it and am considering buying a few more of the animal rings because at £1.59/£2 each why not! I also have my eyes on some of the statement necklaces but you'll see more about that in next months WIW post.

Delivery was very quick, only 3/4 days and the packaging the rings came in was adorable. Overall I am so happy I have found Kukee and can say I recommend it to anyone and everyone!

They have a twitter and blog along with a website which are linked on the website so make sure you check that out since they do a lot of giveaways.

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