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So I'm probably the billionth person to mention this 'dupe' now but I was late on the wagon. So if you hadn't guessed from the post title, my dupe for the Naked 2 Pallete from Urban Decay, is the MUA Undress Me Too Pallete. 

Unfortunately I don't have the Naked 2 or original Naked pallette so I can't really give you swatches but if you are interested in seeing the similarities between the Urban Decay shadows and their drug store alternatives I'd suggest reading this post here. Although in my opinion the quality of the MUA shadows is a lot better than they have been described as, in my opinion anyway.

Obviously MUA shadows aren't as great quality but the colours are pretty similar and for a £32 price difference for a budget buy they are great!

I have used a few Urban Decay eye shadows and they are some of my favourites to use but my drugstore favourites are the MUA ones, so when I realised I could get hold of Urban Decay colours with the MUA prices I was delighted!

Although I have a lot of eye shadows, I don't use many but this palette had really wearable colours and since I've got it I've worn a few different looks including the shadows. I especially like the sort of muted purple-grey colours because I feel like they enhance my eyes as well as the copper/gold toned colour but I might show you the looks I've done with the palette in a later post.

So although I don't own the undressed palette, if you are new to wearing eye shadows or make up in general I'd suggest buying both because you get great colours for under a quarter of price of the upmarket alternative. That way if you like them and you are willing to fork out, go for it!

That's all on the palettes but I hope you've been enjoying these LGFL posts recently, if you don't already, I'd suggest taking a look at the blog What I Heart Today, Lily Pebbles blog because she has begun a similar feature on her blog which i absolutely love!x

That's all
Speak soon
Char xx

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