What I Want | October 2013

So it's  the start of the new school year meaning there is less time to wear my own clothes and make up. This summer I have probably only spent 2 weeks with no make up on and that's only been at home, what I'm going to do without it I'm not quite sure, I've gotten way to used to putting it on in my morning routine. Along with not being able to wear any of my own clothes much and makeup I also just did a sort of large shopping spree in America and there isn't much left for me to spend. With all that in mind there's still stuff I lust over, hence this post for you all.

1. This may seem sort of odd to want, but I really love this jewellery stand. My room is blue with white furniture so it would fit in really well, as well as the fact I have a slight obsession with owls. To me this is sort of perfect.

2. I have denim jackets for summer and a big baseball jacket for winter and not much for in between the seasons. I've always loved a vintage look whether it be 70's or 90's inspired. While in brick lane a few weeks ago, I found a Harrington jacket very similar to this, it was light weight enough to take out a layer with but thick enough to keep me warm in early autumn. The only one similar picture wise I have found is this one from Urban Outfitters but I'll be on an internet hunt for one a little( a lot) cheaper.

3. Like I said I have a small obsession with owls a right now, it isn't something that's just happened over night but recently I've seen so much a like with owls on I seem to have realised it more. This case from New \look is just too adorable to resist!

4. I right so many lists to keep myself up to date with anything and everything and what better place to put the list than on something I'd see everyday! plus it wasehs off so its great for weekly reminders.

5. I know the brow hype is dying down now but i still enjoy to keep mine in shape. This Pixi brow set would be ideal for travel since you have everything in one place!

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