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Lately I haven't had many chances to go out shopping, so I hadn't really seen what was new to a lot of A/W collections. This weekend I decided to do some online browsing and add a few things to my on going wishlist that I have on my computer. Looking at the list today, the majority of things I fell madly in love with were from Zara, so this is a Zara A/W wishlist.

Image 4 of TEXT T-SHIRT from Zara Image 5 of TEXT T-SHIRT from Zara

I've been looking at trying to find some nice graphic tees that aren't always white, and a bit more me than just choosing a white graphic tee because 'that slogan' or 'that logo' which I feel I've been doing too much lately. These tops have just seemed right up my street and I are surprisingly lower down the price scale than I expected!

Image 2 of PRINTED T-SHIRT from Zara Image 2 of PRINTED T-SHIRT from Zara

At the moment I am loving sweatshirts in general, for my they are a great transitional item for A/W and again, I love them for similar reasons to the tops.

Image 2 of LOOSE-FIT TROUSERS from Zara

Generally speaking if I'm wearing trousers, they'll be black, and they'll be tight.However, these trousers are a slight compromise, they are are not fitted but sinch in at the ankles and are a nice way of making 'trackies' seem smart to wear. I really like that they are so simple, because especially for school,they will be easy to throw on in the morning when I'm stuck for a good outfit to wear.

Image 2 of QUILTED BOWLING BAG from Zara Image 4 of QUILTED BOWLING BAG from Zara

The final thing is possibly my favourite item of them all - this quilted bowling bag just seems to make my heart melt a little. Firstly I tend to love structured, squarish bags as I seem to be able to fit more into them than normal. as well as this, in a matter of days I am going away and this bag seems like the ideal size to take with me on the plane.

*All photos have been lifted from the Zara site

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