Anna made me bite the bullet | New 'do

After seeing that Anna had decided to go for a different shorter look, I started to get that 'fresh cut envy' I know me and my friends tend to get when we see eachother with great new hair. I haven't had my hair done since before study leave over 5 or so months ago and felt the time for change (on purpose this time if you haven't seen previous hair posts).

I have been wearing my hair long for a while and have been doing so to try and balance out my cabbage-patch-round face. However after seeing how great Anna's hair looked and seeing this post about how to fix certain hair issues I decided it was now or never.

I have ended up with short/mid-length hair with textured/choppy layers and have had the ends thinned out. the reason for the thinning was due to having naturally quite naturally thick, bulky hair that tangles very easily,and I felt the thinned ends will make it look and feel easier to handle. It also makes the layers stand out more and I really like the added movement that I used to get from my now, nowhere to be seen blonde ends. 

Now I realise my hair is not going to be considered streotypically short, but I had around 5inches off, and haven't had short hair since I was 9, this feels short for me but I'm loving it for sure! For me, it felt like a risk but I'm glad I bit the bullet and did it finally!


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