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Dealing with the stress of a new school, new subjects and a completely new situation has been something I thought I could deal with on my own, since everyone is going or has gone through it themselves, yet that has not really been the case. School is stressful and everyone has different ways to help them cope, and despite struggling through, I have found a few ways of working through it that work for me.

As I said these things work for me but you may have other techniques that work better for yourself, I believe it is the type of thing that is personal but seeing another’s ideas may be useful for you to find your own way.

 Stay on top of work- I know this sounds a little silly as this may be the cause of your stress, however dealing with work the night you get it, even if you don’t complete it and it isn’t due for another week will make you feel better. I find this is because often starting something in 3 days’ time is a lot harder than starting it the night you get it, doing some on the night means the day is still fresh in your mind, so coming back to the work that 3 days later is a little easier. The 4 lines of notes you made on Tuesday night jog your memory and help you to continue that train of thought properly.

List, list, list – Although I have a homework diary, I always write an ordered list of work I need to do, starting with work due in the least time. I am able to see where my evening will start and I am less likely to hand work in late. When listing I write my work in small achievable chunks so that I don’t have any work hanging around for ages looking unfinished and it makes me feel better crossing of lots of bits and pieces rather than a few undetailed piece.

 Listscontinued- lists truly help me and when I write them they don’t just go in one place. I will write the list of work in a small notebook I keep at home, on the homework reminders tab I made on my phone, on a sticky note app on my computer and the whiteboard above my desk so I am constantly reminded what I need to do. It seems extreme but in order to stay calm and organised it is vital that I do it.

 Take a 5 minute break – sometimes it can all get a bit much and trying to fix situations whether it be work or friendships can seem like it will make me explode. Taking a few minute break by watching a YouTube video, having a flick through a magazine, putting my headphones on in the common room or just going for a quick walk, can clear my mind and calm me down to the point where I can take a step back and see how I can fix the problem remove the stress from the situation so it is manageable.

Share the stress –I often find myself telling a friend who may be able to give me advice or just be a good pair of ears for me to let it all out. In non-work related situations, if I don’t feel like there is someone around to tell I will just write out all my worries on a draft post, save it, walk away for an hour, reread it then delete it, it’s as though I have ‘destroyed the stress’.

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