What's that? Another hair change?

Yet again, boredom and lackluster hair has caused me to feel a change was necessary. As those of you who have seen my pretty tame dabbles with hair dye and change over the last few years (see herehere , here and here) you will know that I often get bored and change it up a little every 4-6months. The last 18 months or so however, I have changed the length a lot less, and for the first time in my life, essentially maintained my short/mid-length no layers cut, and after staying my natural hue of mousy brown/dark blonde for a while, dyed my hair in a balyage/ombré style that wasn't too many shades lighter than my own. 

Just under a year on, and many Instagram hair account screenshots later, I decided that going even lighter for summer might be fun, and was the best opportunity to try something a bit more extreme than I had previously.

My hairdresser used a product called freelights by Wella, which essentially allowed her to paint on the dye without having to use foils, which as I understood it was because the dye did not expand like bleach usually does. It was then toned, washed again and cut.

I am so happy with how it looks now! Like anything, I think not seeing my roots will be strange for a while, and personally my hair takes a couple weeks to settle into a new colour/style, but I really am happy with the results at the moment. What's even better is the way it has been done, once my roots begin to show, it will quite low maintenance because it will just highlight the different colours and tones that are in the look, which I think will look really great. 

Char xx

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