DIY Patch Shorts | Revamped Levi 501s

Last week I went to the North London Kilo Vintage sale as mentioned in my post from wednesday. Whilst there a picked up a few bits including these already distressed button fastening Levi 501s. Although they are a little big I still wanted to make them work and decided to adapt them to my own style.

The first thing I did was cut them to a length I felt more comfortable wearing. I used tailors chalk and a pair of Topshop Mom shorts that are my ideal length to measure out wear to cut them. I made the line slightly longer than the Topshop shorts to avoid cutting them too short if I was not accurate.

After cutting, I then distressed the shorts at the hem, and added some rips on the front which I distressed further using small scissors and tweezers. I used this video as a guideline. After this I then added some iron on patches I have had for a while. If you are looking for some patches for your own DIYs, this Etsy shop is great and inexpensive. Not all of the patches attached well, so I used the same colour thread as the patch borders and added in some small tacking stitches to ensure they stayed in place.

I'm really happy with how they have turned out, and although this was a really simple DIY to do, it definitely put me in the creative spirit and I really want to try and do some more things like this over the summer.

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