What I want | Summer wishlist

This summer I plan to update my wardrobe, buy some key pieces that I feel I am missing now I have had a little clear out, as well as inject some more colour into my wardrobe. Here are a few of the bits that are currently on my wishlist:

1. I have recently been loving wearing a simple shirt+denim combo as the London weather has remained unpredictable. After a visit to H&M I really want a simple blue and white pinstriped oversized shirt, which I think will be great all year round.

2. Generally, I am more of a trainer/converse girl but this summer I would like to give myself more options for footwear by adding some sandals such as these from New Look.

3. Bombers have been in style for the last few seasons now and don’t look like they’re going away any time soon. I’d like to find a mid/lightweight one that can last me through the beginning of autumn too like this one.

4. Like I said at first, I think I am really lacking any colour right now and after looking online I think I’d like some pink and red hues such as this dress, playsuit, body or skirt.

5. It wouldn’t be summer without a good pair of shorts and I’ve been lusting after some Levi's for years, which I finally got my hands on at the North London Kilo Vintage Sale last week which I have no changed,but I will show this in Saturday's post.  

What items are missing from your wardrobe?

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